07/28/2010 10:23

ROSEMONT, Pa. - Rosemont College is pleased to announce the addition of Women's Soccer to the Athletics Department for the 2011 season. "I am very excited," said Athletic Director Lynn Rothenhoefer. "We've had a lot of enthusiasm and success with the men's program. This is going to fit in well with the department, institution and Colonial States Athletic Conference."

Since transitioning to coeducation in the fall of 2009, the department expanded to include five men's varsity sports (cross country, basketball, golf, soccer, and tennis) and one women's varsity sport (cross country). Women's soccer will join men's lacrosse as the final programs to be added to the department based on the institution's strategic plan. "Throughout the strategic planning process, we've had the opportunity to not only add new men's programs but evaluate our whole department," Rothenhoefer said. "It's important to continue to strengthen our women's programs and take Rosemont Athletics to a new level."

Women's soccer is popular in the tri-state area with over 500 high schools carrying the program. "It's a sport that we have continually been asked about," said Rothenhoefer. "We're the only institution in the conference that doesn't have it. It's a growing sport in our recruiting area and I feel confident in our success to produce a quality progam knowing this."

"We've had a lot of inquiries about it," added Chuck Walz, Vice President for Enrollment Management. "There are a lot of people in the community excited about it. We're sure this will take off and take off quickly. One of the exciting things about this addition is the diversity it will bring. Women's soccer is an international sport and adding it will diversity our campus."

Rosemont will begin searching for the women's soccer coach immediately. The new coach will spend the entire 2010-2011 year recruiting for the inaugural season.