09/02/2010 17:21

ROSEMONT, Pa. - The Rosemont College Athletic Department has named Ben Gluckman the new Sports Information Director and Fundraising Associate.  Athletic Director, Lynn Rothenhoefer commented, “Ben has worked very closely with our Athletic Department, and has had the best interest of our programs and the college since he came to Rosemont in 2006. As a formal member of the department, I expect he’ll be able to use his strengths to help take us to the next level with our sports programs.”

Gluckman comes to this role after having worked with the Rosemont Athletic Department since 2006 in the role of Athletic Department Assistant.  Additionally at Rosemont he most recently served as the Assistant Administrative Database Manager.

Gluckman, informally known as "The Voice of Rosemont" on campus, is a familiar face in the Rosemont Athletic Department.  He has worked in statistical tracking, developing and publishing game day programs, and assisting in design and maintenance of Athletics web site and worked closely with the Athletic Department's Stakeholders in his tenure at the school.

Gluckman's voice has been heard in playoff basketball and field hockey games at various colleges around the Philadelphia area, and has assisted the Lincoln University football program for the last two seasons.

Before this, Gluckman was a committee member and a scout for Esperance Sportive Pully, a professional women's basketball team in Switzerland. He also was associated with the Lausanne Indians, a professional baseball team also located near Lausanne, Switzerland.

Gluckman earned his MBA from Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, CT in International Business.

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