07/19/2011 13:42

ROSEMONT, Pa. - Tom Dugan has been named the captain of the Rosemont College Men's Lacrosse team in their inaugural season, which will begin on 3/10/2012 at Messiah College. But before the team takes the field in its first varsity game, the team's captain, now a senior, realizes the significance of his role on the team.

When asked why Dugan transferred to Rosemont from Albright, he said that he "wanted the opportunity to start up a program with a chance to play right away. Coach (Brian) Zusi was very enthusiastic about his team and he made me feel really positive about joining his new team at Rosemont."

Dugan, who has played lacrosse "since third grade," was the captain of the Albright lacrosse club team before transferring to Rosemont. He considers himself a defenseman, but "will play anywhere" the team needs him.

When asked about his role as captain of the team, he explained that he wants to prepare his teammates for the college game. "College versus high school, the college game is much faster. Even if you compare a college club team versus high school the speed is a big difference. The college game has more serious athletes who play at 100%, and that takes some getting used to. The college players are mostly All-High School or All-County players and they play against much tougher competition." Dugan added that "the college players take the game much more seriously than lower levels, as they want to build the program and they work, eat and breathe their sport."

Dugan is working hard at a job this summer, sometimes logging up to 60 hours/week. At the same time, he's "hitting the wall four to five times a week" as well as working with a professional trainer to build his speed and conditioning and to "stay in the best shape I can."

When asked about his expectations for the men's lacrosse team, he stressed that he wants to "earn respect from our opponents, especially higher-ranking opponents" and that we "hold our own." He wants his team to "get started on the right foot, be competitive, work hard and to grow as a team." As captain, Dugan also understands the importance of starting to build a team dynamic in a very short time.

In his junior year at Rosemont, Dugan was a member of the golf team in its first season. "I loved it! It was so much fun, and Coach Thomas not only taught me a lot about the game, but the coaches were fun and the team had an easy dynamic to fit into." Dugan has been working on his game this summer, boasting of shooting an 88, an improvement of over 30 strokes from his best score this past season.

Dugan is "excited, and can't wait to work out and practice" with his lacrosse teammates. He thinks it's "remarkable that I am in this position" and wants to get Rosemont's new program started off as positively as possible. His attitude is contagious, and the hope is that Dugan will captain his team to meet their goals in this historic first season.